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Your first memory of...

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Sep 30 2013, 06:23pm
Registered Member #47
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 08:55pm
Posts: 115
Stabilot wrote..

"Simple game, if you remember the person above your own comment then write your first memory of that guy and try to write as much as you can, its only if you feel for it. It is fun to read where people met and so on.
So I wait for someone to write their first memory of me, then next person will write their first memory for the guy who posted above. Aint that hard!"

Thought to try bring some forum activy here with this kind of thread. IMO it's fun in Xtreme-Jumps, so why couldn't it be also fun here? If you read this info, please start posting, NOW!

I will continue!
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Oct 01 2013, 09:55am

Joined: Jun 27 2012, 02:18am
Posts: 109
I think this is from a trickjumps' movie some years ago, when your nickname was quik.
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Oct 01 2013, 01:49pm
Registered Member #47
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 08:55pm
Posts: 115
I've heard about you years ago, but never talked with you. After years we have became friends, mainly 'cause of insilio (I guess so). You're very friendly and overall nice person.

OT: And my nickname is always been quikmooh, I don't know still why I used some years only quik, lol.
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Oct 01 2013, 07:50pm
Registered Member #39
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 06:13pm
Posts: 23
I actually don't really remember but I guess i met you from the 10aa hns scene for a rather long time ago???
A nice guy who always is positive and happy no matter what
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Oct 02 2013, 02:23am
Registered Member #393
Joined: Dec 01 2012, 05:15pm
Posts: 33
Saw your nick first time at some 10aa hns server when u started playing it. Didnt pay attention to you since ur skill was really awful at 10 air accelerate. I quitted for like 3 months. When i come back i was told that u were insilio material, which I could not belive but when i joined same server as you it just hit me. Holy fuck This Guy is really good, from There our relation just grew. Now days we are really good friends and have a lot of fun while talking/playing.
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Oct 08 2013, 12:11pm
Registered Member #36
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 05:24pm
Posts: 89
Niklas aka twinkgirll
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Oct 08 2013, 05:57pm

Joined: Jun 25 2012, 07:19pm
Posts: 143
I've played alot of KZ with ya boy!
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Oct 08 2013, 08:34pm
Registered Member #47
Joined: Jun 26 2012, 08:55pm
Posts: 115
Well, what could I say.. I've heard about you many years ago, and watched your movie sitka the movie and I loved it. You was a good friend with dropsys (I guess), but sadly bad things happens..

After you was reviving insilio back on track we kept contact on the chatbox, and after on Steam. Now we have not speak so often, but I think you enjoy your live as much everybody should do.

Overall you're very nice guy, and really muscleman
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Jan 03 2014, 08:42am
Registered Member #70
Joined: Jun 27 2012, 11:07am
Posts: 22
8.4 =)
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