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Apr 03 2017, 04:44am
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Tell something about yourself: Hello, my name is Gaston. I am 20 years old, born in Neuquén, Argentina. I like sports, in my life I have echo several, mountain biking, volleyball and swimming. I like many video games, so I met the kz, around Central magnificent from 2010/11, and I have not stopped playing, has caught me much haha.

What kind of position do you want to join as?: I would like to be part of their team because I like the style that has, its players and because I believe that it could represent them well, since I'd like to get several world records more.

For how long have you been in the scene?/ Got anything you want to impress us with? /Got anything you want to impress us with?:As I said game 6 years ago and I have acquired good experience, one of my achievements is having jumped 255 block, also have 256 block failed in several opportunities. I have also climbed up to the top 3 kz-arg and I am administrator on it. I have some maps in cosyclimb kzarg_challenge_climb, bhop_radmaf,bhkz_wicked,a2_novus[secret] (some belonged you to Nukk and DizZy) and one in Xtreme Jumps speed_ytt_castle and kz_j2s_icevalley(-boost) the latter shot by toffife (but eager to get back it)

255 LJ kHz -link-

Nukk vs kHz on a2_novus[secret] -link-

In kzarg rotw:

KZ Argentina ROTW #21 kHz on kz-endo_carrington -link-

Apologies for the translator :S

From already thank you very much.
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Apr 03 2017, 05:37am

Joined: Jun 28 2012, 01:14am
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Your application has been moved to the admin forum for further review.
You will be noticed about the decision in time.
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Apr 10 2017, 04:05pm

Joined: Jun 28 2012, 01:14am
Posts: 279
We're sorry but your application has been declined.
Better luck next time!
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